The struggles of being a goal digger is that you sometimes forget the reality of effort to get those goals

For those like us who have tattoos and piercings, can’t get a job without covering them or not have one at all

Because most of we
Love 👫💏
Believe 🙏
Or our ethnicity

Instead of how we work or what we’ve accomplished.

It’s a struggle to be a goal digger, but today I’m gonna get up and be who I am and strive to fulfill my goals. Dont care how simple or broad they are either. I’m gonna do it.

Did a drawing randomly

The original Chipotle lol

Life goal

Just got in da house

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I’m that type of girlfriend:
×Who’ll open up to u
×Drops everything for you
×Supports and cheers you on 24/7
×Kind Hearted (too caring in my opinion lol)
×Goal digger for both of us
×Styles differently
×Comfortable with myself (without or with makeup )
×Stays true to myself
×Who only has eyes for her man

These are just a couple things, but you’ll know I’m your type of girlfriend when u actually spend time with me…

  • Uzumaki Naruto [10 October] 
  • Happy birthday Uzumaki Naruto 
  • birthday boy
I would be the food manic in an anime!! 🍣🍟🍔🍙🍡

I would be the food manic in an anime!! 🍣🍟🍔🍙🍡

Idk which to get for this Halloween party

Please help!!

#mcm Pepsi lol

Ft. @iza.bvb

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Even though it was a week ago, I still can’t get over @iza.bvb liking pics off mi page

#crushing lol

My #mcm #ManCrushMonday


Finished Painting 🎨

Does it look like mi?